KAMI (Microfinance)

KAMI started to form groups of mother in small scale business, since 2008. At that time, formed three groups called Melati/I, Mawar/II dan Anggrek/III. In this program, the number of group is eight. Each group consist of 5-6 people. This mother group not only receive funds stimulation, but also assistance in how to develop their bussiness, such as; ethic of entrepreneurship, financial management, healthy food processing, group dynamic, and family savings (for bussiness investment, children education, and family health).

Group of KAMI spread around Rungkut Lor and Tenggilis Mulya. Based on their competencies, the groups are divided into three levels, namely: Pratama, Madya, and Tamtama. Achievement levels are measured from the competency test conducted once every 6 months. Each group has a meeting conducted regularly, every week. At the monthly meeting and every six months, involving all members of the group. Competency improvement training carried out at six-monthly meeting. In program year 2010-2011, initiated the formation of the KAMI group for business actors in the traditional market. Socialization to business actors have been conducted in Soponyono Market.

WARAS (Social Entrepreneurship)

WARAS provide assistance for small and medium scale businesses based on local resources and lead to environmentally friendly. Some products of WARAS that have been marketed are:

  1. Eco-friendly products:
    • Compost
    • Takakura Home Method (THM)
    • Rotary Active Microorganism (RAM)
    • Solid native microorganism
    • Liquid native microorganism
    • Chaff
    • Bran
  2. Organic food products
    • White rice
    • Red rice
    • Brown rice
    • Black rice
    • Soybean
    • Vegetables (water spinach, mustard, lettuce, lembayung, spinach, basil, pare, celery)