PEKA (development for children’s character)

PEKA assist the children through various media; traditional dance, drawing group, and theater. Members of traditional dance and drawing group do their exercises every Sunday, but they also learn to build leadership and social skill. The parents also invite to recognize and apply the character-based learning, on their children.

This year program, PEKA initiate a theater and a drawing group for children in Rungkut Kidul. PEKA involve youth people as a coach for their children, they named the group Sanggar Rungkut Kidul II (SARKID II).

PEKA also facilitate environmental education for students from various educational institutions. The themes that can be facilitated by PEKA among others; waste processing into compost, organic farming, vegetable cultivation, greening the kampong, nursery and propagation of plants and paper recycling.

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KASIH (healthy, inclusive, and harmony family)

KASIH has become a media for community health cadres, to improve their competencies, so they can serve families. KASIH’s cadres equipped with the knowledge and skills related to family health, physical aspects. As the name implies, these cadres are expected to be able to direct families to be healthy, inclusive and harmonious.

Subject of physical health that has been given to the cadres, such as: recognition and measurement of blood pressure, the introduction of various diseases and its prevention (diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer, cervical cancer, high blood pressure), introduction and utilization of medicinal (toga). Subject of physical health that has been given to the cadres, such as: introduction of violence in family, therapeutic communication, and healing meditation.

KASIH cadres who came from Rungkut Lor trying to establish Integrated Family Health Services Unit (ULKKT). The services will be given to citizens, are examination of basic health, family health consultation and consultation on child development.

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