Pusdakota is a community empowerment institution, based on values movement with the following special characteristics: non profit, pluralistic (respect to all religions, races, tribes, factions, and localisms), egalitarian (non-political interest), peaceful and active to look after the movement of the urban civil society.

The spirit of PUSDAKOTA is framed by core values, vision, mission, goal, focal concern (matra) and approach (gatra) of empowerment, as following:


Core Values

  1. Growing and expanding in diversity,
  2. Serving obligingly,
  3. Firmness in principle, devoted in promise,
  4. Blend the spirit and human being dignity into masterpiece,
  5. Increasing Environmental Quality of life.



Pusdakota focus itself, permanently, in making an effort for the existence of a society based on empowerment and justice

An empowered society means a society in which its members are ready to take their own choices. The social members have the opportunity to reach a better life through their needs formulation, self capacity development, and freedom to express themselves in social activities as well as access to various social, economic resources, and to the structure of state power.

A just society means a society that is conscious, aware, empowered, developed and looks after justice, both for its own members and its environment. Efforts to maintain the social justice should be embodied in different agreements, social regulations, as well as in the public policy



  1. Facilitating the growth of critical and transformative awareness,
  2. Develop a model for multiplying a social capital for a community empowerment,
  3. Creating cooperation to extend the social empowerment network.



To promote agents of change  that able  to empower the communities towards the quality of life improvement.


Empowerment Focal Concern

The Empowerment dimensions comprise: character development, social capital enrichment and masterpiece creation.


Empowerment Approach

The Empowerment is conducted by the following approaches: human being, environmental caring, and social institution building.